After Affect

This newly designed and built paper installation changes its shape through time. Changes in the installations overall shape do not occur through human (manual) manipulation, but rather, through gravitational force. In doing so, 3,600 folded papers are suspended from 2,000 fishing lines over a 4.5m x 4.5m unencumbered space. 

Once the papers are suspended, the parts of the installation that are not supported by a fishing line are self-supported. In other words, a large amount of papers in the installation are supported only from an adjacent piece of paper. As gravity begins to take affect on the paper — pulling it downwards — the individual modules self-adjust until reaching a point of equilibrium (without collapsing).

Through careful studies of the properties of paper — weight, friction, folding endurance, strength, etc. — and its behaviour, we constructed an installation that changes its shape and enhances the quality of its appearance on its own over time.