New Zealand Memorial


At ODE, we believe that great architecture stems from a unique design process. Our design process has been tested and proven over the last 10 years while ODE’s founder Kody Kato was working under the direction of Dr. Ken Yeang in Malaysia and Byoungsoo Cho in South Korea. Since then we have used this multi-disciplinary method on international projects, such as residences, offices, museums, bridges, symphony halls, factories and exhibitions. The results have led to internationally award winning projects, such as Beyond Surface, Liberated Memories, Itinerant Epoch, and A Home for Five Musical Instruments.

A preview of ODE’s factory, production line, and machine design layout

Factory Design and Optimization

We recognize that the design of our clients factories and machine processes can be complicated. At ODE, we have worked together with multiple factory owners and their team to enhance the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, resulting in higher amounts of production output in the same amount of time. Contact us for your free consultation.


Interior Design

The design of any interior centers around the entire user experience. This requires close attention to details and materials, daylight and natural ventilation, while taking the users senses, such as touch, sight, smell, and hearing into consideration.