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A breathtaking view of the Field of Memories, a representation of sustainable architecture and innovative engineering created in Malaysia. Crafted by ODE, an architecture firm known for its commitment to Creative Engineering. The project seamlessly amalgamates architcture, nature, material science and engineering expertise to deliver unparalleled experiences. This visionary endeavor reflects ODE's dedication to a zero-energy innovative future, employing the creative use of alternative, eco-friendly recycled materials. More than a structure, it stands as a progressive leap towards a more eco-conscious and imaginative future, a testament to the firm's pursuit in sustainable design rooted in both material science and boundless possibilities.


At ODE, we believe that great architecture stems from a Creative Engineering design approach. Our approach combines architecture, material studies, nature, engineering, and various methods of construction simultaneously from the beginning of the concept design phase. It has been tested and proven over the last 15 years while ODE’s founder, Dr. Kody Kato worked under the direction of Dr. Ken Yeang in Malaysia and Byoungsoo Cho in South Korea. Since then, we have used this multi-disciplinary approach on international projects, such as residences, offices, museums, bridges, symphony halls, factories and exhibition spaces. 

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Interior Design

The design of any interior centers around the entire user experience. This requires close attention to details and materials, daylight and natural ventilation, while taking the users senses, such as touch, sight, smell, and hearing into consideration. 

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Environmental Design

Our natural environment is an important aspect of every design at ODE

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