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About Us

The Office for Design Evolution (ODE) is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm that was founded by Dr. Kody Kato in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company name refers to an evolutionary design approach called Creative Engineering, which combines architecture, material science, engineering,  the natural environment and various methods of construction to enhance the way we live, work and experience space.

Beyond Surface


20 May ODE's founder Dr. Kody Kato and their design philosophy, 'Creative Engineering' for Architecture was selected to be in the British Encyclopedia

01 Mar ODE was invited to teach "Coding Nature" at Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur

18 Jan Firstclasse Magazine sat down with Dr. Kody Kato in an interview on Creative Engineering

17 Jan ODE credited with pioneering the 'Creative Engineering' design philosophy and approach

15 Dec ODE presented "Creative Engineering" at the 2023 Atap conference, held in Kuala Lumpur

18 Nov ODE presented "Creative Engineering" at the 2023 Rix conference, in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

01 Sept ODE's recycled bamboo omakase selected as top 20 award-winning projects (2022-2023) on ArchDaily

08 Aug ODE was selected as a jury member for the 2023 Atap Design Awards. More info can be found here: Jury Panel | ADA 2023


“The way they took flooring, sun and the movement of residents into consideration while arranging the columns is diverse, exquisite, and precise. And their execution through the light and movement is so beautiful that it closely resembles poetry..”

Byoungsoo Cho, AIA, Founder of BCho Architects

“ODE's Japanese Omakase is beautiful and interesting. ODE is comprised of a collective of talented designers.”

Dr. Ken Yeang, Founder of T. R Hamzah & Yeang

“..we embarked on a long, interesting, work intensive journey to make his idea become reality. It was a journey full of joy, reflection, problem solving and excellent team work and the end result was stunning and justifiably won several prizes.”

Jutta Birkenhauer, G. F Smith, London

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