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2023 A’ Design Award
Project Title: Ta-ke-en Omakase Restaurant

2021 One Among 10 Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs
APAC Entrepreneurs

2018 London Design Award
Project Title: Beyond Surface

2015 Beijing International Auto Show - Runner-Up
Project Title: Infinite Dreams

2012 Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia - Young CAADRIA
Project Title: Toward A Performance-oriented Architecture

2012 Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia - Best Paper Award
Project Title: Toward A Performance-oriented Architecture

2010 International Space Architecture Design Competition - Best Prize
Project Title: Liberated Memories

2010 Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition - Merit Award
Project Title: Itinerant Epoch

2004 AIAS Award of Merit
Project Title: Space, Form and Sequence

2004 AIAS Award of Excellence
Project Title: Home for Five Musical Instruments


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